Architecture is way of Living…. We have Lived it, Loved it & Living it !

The success of FIA led to an invitation by ROTARY CLUB Faridabad, as a Guest Speaker. The topic chosen "WHO NEEDS AN ARCHITECT" meant as a satire!!

In fact for many achievements one is thankful to organizations like Dipsites, Conversazione,USIS, Max Mueller Bhavan, British Council, YATRIK theatre group, ROUND TABLE INDIA, Doordarshan and certainly India International Centre, where many interesting symposia like... MEDICENES & MEDICOES, Different Systems & Viewpoints... EXCELLENCE IN YOUR CHOSEN FIELD followed by a visit to a village... EXCELLENCE within your means"... and now the India HABITAT Centre... keeps charging our "batteries"....

The Architects very own Guild of Practicing Architects and Indian Institute of Architects have been benevolent in harnessing & enhancing our Talents ! Concepts.. Direction.. Acting & Anchoring !

A number of meaningful articles in newspapers, PROFESSIONAL magazines (i.e. editorship once in a while). INTENSIVE participation in national and international seminars in India and Abroad. Railway Board Room Interior, in Rail Bhawan 1987, was talked about for its Excellence in the Government Circles! Around the same time one had designed some innovative interiors, and VIDEOCON's first office in Delhi was one of them.

The interior which has touched the lives of all, is the Mezzanine Concept making optimum use of space, beautifully and logically. Designed initially for a small office in the crowded Delhi Stock Exchange, it was naturally incorporated in their dynamic New trading hall in 1991, used by thousands, THEN !

The undersigned had 'Ajanta Arts Film Studio' as College Thesis; somehow it led to our designing 5 film studios at the Film Centre, Noida. As a tribute to the legendary film maker RAJ KAPOOR, Boney Kapoor’s Studio was inaugurated by Mrs. Krishna Raj Kapoor & MARWAH Films & Video Studio AAFT by Madhuri Dixit. AAFT is very successfully running as a major film teaching Institute of Asia.


Sir Richard Attenburogh's GANDHI 1980-82 gave us first hand experience of PROFESSIONALISM in FILMS... One had a small part as one of Gandhiji's companions, when he is shot at. Luckily the film starts and ends with this SCENE - thus a very satisfying 'exposure' ? (Experience)! Youtube has given us the privilege to see the SCENE at a click approx 5.16 mts. from the start !


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